2016-2017 Private goalie training from Jamie Storr Goalie School at TSC (home training center of the LA Kings)

Private Training with Jamie Storr

  • We offer private and group goalie training out of Toyota Sports Center (TSC) weekly
  • Working with a small select group of goalie’s each week it allows our training to maintain a family appeal.

From Junior to College to NHL

Over the last 8 years we have trained Thatcher Demko (Boston College, first round draft pick of the Vancouver Canucks) in privates, Eric Comrie (WHL, second round pick to Winnipeg) in privates and camps, Tomas Sholl (Bowling Green) privates and camps, David Jacobson (Arizona) privates and camps, Billy Blasé (Harvard) privates and camps to current NHL goalie Darcy Kuemper (Minnesota Wild, NHL) attend his camp along with current Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Karri Ramos training privately in August.

The Next ones

  • Our U15 AAA goalie Ronan Mobley is our next project that is currently one of the top 2001 goalie’s in California, Ronan has been training at our lessons and camps since he was 8.
  • With our mite and squirt goalies that are just starting out like Max Fulcher, Clayton Height, Hudson Feller, Morgan Stickney and Goose Faynsod we are looking forward to watching them grow into whatever they dream of just as the ones above have.

Welcome Back Summer Camp

August 7-11, 2017 we will have our summer camp. Available to all ages and skill level. Limited Space available.

Schedule will be as follows:

1pm-1:45pm off ice training.

2:30pm-4pm on ice training.

4:15pm-5pm video-how to set goals for our goalies as well as how to mentally prepare for games and practices

Jamie Storr Goalie School Hall of Fame

  • Eddie Fritz (one of the nicest people you would ever meet) Brian Simas (came to me at 18 asking how can I make the NHL and after 6 months got a pro tryout with the Las Vegas Wranglers in the ECHL to working for the goalie school and training center upstairs)
  • Andrew Driffill (whose father Bob used to drive over to the puck machine right after practices every Wednesday)
  • Ben Iguchi (my little protégé who always had a way to make us laugh and went on to Georgetown University then graduated and asked me to handle my money!)
  • Blake Ducker (whose father Brian talked me into raising my prices as they were too low then complained about how high my prices were but still came every week!)
  • Garrett Mello (whose mother used to bring him and because she was so pretty every instructor jumped at the opportunity to tell her how great G was doing)
  • Tomas Sholl (who was one of the best goalies we have ever seen in our competition drills even watched him as a 17 year old stone Sidney Crosby in summer training at TSC)
  • Mattias Sholl (following closely in his brother’s footsteps but has a lot more hair!)
  • Tate Dewey (I knew he was special when he showed up in a Rolls Royce for our first training session)
  • David Jacobson (my fondest memory was when David tried to sell me his father’s high end Mercedes’s with all the bells and whistles. Had some turbo charge that would make this car go super speed and David takes me for a test drive and the car was so slow an older lady walking on the side walk pasted us)

To receive our weekly schedule you can ask to be put on the email list that we send out for goalies to sign up each week..

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