Privates & Clinics


On Ice Lessons - $65 per goalie per hour.
Puck Machine Lessons - $60 for 45 minute lesson.
Range Lessons $60 per goalie 45 minute lesson.

I train goalies now off the ice and we go over cardio as well as leg exercises that will help strengthen your goalies legs as well as work on there flexibility. All of the exercises are with no weights just body weight or a medicine ball. I feel that after 15 years of training each summer to get ready for the season the last thing you want is to get injured from lifting too much weight or not having proper form. The bases of off ice training is to get the goalie in better shape so he can last longer in the net with more energy. It allows them to concentrate longer as well as finish games stronger with less fatigue.

All Training Sessions are run with Jamie Storr.

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