Jamie Storr

Jamie Storr, NHL Goalie

We are very excited to have our Jamie Storr Goalie School held at the Toyota Sports Center. Fittingly, it is the home training facility of the Los Angeles Kings, and was home for Jamie as he played 9 seasons with the Kings from 1994 thru 2003.

Most goalie schools selling point's are by the goalie's that train there and not by the people that run them, when I played for the King's I would go back to Toronto, Canada for the summer and I would use one of the goalie schools facilities to train and the person running the school would ask if it was o.k if he used my name on his website and in his brochure even though he never trained me. Toronto is one of the biggest goalie school market's I have seen and most of the adds in the paper are "NHL goalie train's with me" and it is one of the only reason's that they try to sell on the parents.

My goal is to have a school that is based upon the training and coaching from myself because I have made a life and career from being a goalie and would like to give something back to a position that has given me and my family so much joy. I want parents to be educated on the position and be able to understand that a lot of goalie schools are based upon promises to have your goalies position's on AAA teams and even Jr.A and college. The truth is if your children are good enough goalie's the door's in hockey will be opened regardless of what school he or she goes to. Read more >>

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